About TechNexus Venture Collaborative

TechNexus is a venture collaborative of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. Since 2007, we have advised and mentored 450+ enterprise-focused ventures that have attracted $400M+ in capital. We help them rethink growth.

Over that time, we’ve learned what makes tech innovation work—especially how established companies can disrupt their own businesses by focusing on seed enabled innovation and engaging in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. But the model for doing so is broken. “Shopping” for innovation rarely works. Entrepreneurs often lack visibility into the real problems businesses need to fix. And technology disruption is coming faster than ever—entire industries are being redefined by entrepreneurs and engineers operating “outside” the innovation status quo.

We’re developing a smarter venture model for innovation and investment called venture enabled innovation. We offer proven approaches and tools to align established companies with entrepreneurs to deliver new growth options, catalyze innovation, and deliver on an old idea: generate revenue. We don’t make money unless our clients make money by selling things better, faster, more often, and more profitably.