Rethink Growth.
Accelerate Enterprise Innovation.

We’re collaborative partners to enterprises and entrepreneurs. We enable innovation and drive measurable outcomes.

Strategy & Alignment

Unlock a unique, curated entrepreneurial perspective to catalyze and propel innovation.

We understand the innovation challenges you face. The entrepreneurial landscape is vast and hard to engage at scale. We foster strategic innovation with our enterprise partners around the challenges they face. This approach identifies the highest-value opportunities to establish the business case and roadmap to execute your seed enabled innovation programs. Collectively, our strategy & alignment services assess the impact of disruptive forces and unlock insights to engineer new growth.

Growth & Innovation Strategy Synthesis

  • Growth & Innovation Strategy Review: Strategic planning doesn’t always capture disruption effectively… we inform existing strategy from the lens of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. 
  • Venture Enabled Innovation Opportunity Landscape: Comprehensive scan of the venture landscape and identification of example ventures, heat map of the areas in which innovation is taking place, scope of venture-driven innovation in strategically relevant areas.
  • Business case and roadmap for execution: Leaving you with an actionable implementation plan with clarity around the role, focus and scope of internal and external innovation, and the innovation programs necessary to propel and develop innovation.

Engagement Platform

Source talent, technology, and new growth opportunities from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Finding the right ventures to engage with and building those relationships isn’t easy. We’ve cultivated a global network you can leverage, complementing existing innovation and corporate venturing programs – acting as a force multiplier for R&D and innovation.

How do you focus innovators around your priorities and attract external solutions? Entrepreneurs need harder problems to solve. We work within the ecosystem to find what’s already being developed, or influence its development. This hands-on approach positions your brand as a leader in the field, more effectively sourcing talent and innovations from a broader base, and filling the pipeline for the future.  

Co-Investment and Development

Deploy strategic capital earlier, with lower risk, faster results and across a broader base.

We’re redefining venture investment through smarter venture development. Our unique approach goes beyond hunting to actually farming and developing ventures alongside the corporation.

Whether it’s as a customer, through a pilot or proof of concept, or as a partner, it's geared towards your innovation challenges to provide faster market validation. It’s through these engagements that we’re accelerating growth and creating a better investment opportunity that requires less capital, earlier. The result? Real impact with measurable outcomes.