We're a community of entrepreneurs
and industry leaders.

We build and manage programs that leverage a global ecosystem.

Collaboration Centers

We're a venture collaborative and portal to next-stage growth.

Ventures that we work with come from all over. The TechNexus Collaboration Center in Chicago is the workspace that anchors our global ecosystem of connected entrepreneurs, enterprises, universities, investors and other innovators.

Since 2007, thousands of entrepreneurs and potential business partners have flowed through TechNexus every month. When ventures grow here, they work alongside these seasoned, successful, and fast-growing companies. We curate unique collaboration points and help direct new relationships so ventures grow exponentially.

Whether it’s looking for the right startup to work with, or accessing the right partners to scale, we have the innovation ecosystem mapped. Our network encompasses incubators, accelerators, universities, investors, and other programs like us that we’ve partnered with to nurture and accelerate your venture.

TechNexus isn’t just an accelerator and office space. It's a launchpad. 

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Global Ecosystem

Our partner network and reach is truly global in nature.

TechNexus operates a network of over 2,000 Entrepreneurial Support Organizations, what we call ESOs. These partner incubators, accelerators, university programs, and investment groups are a critical tool for sourcing and filtering ideas, talent, and venture collaboration.