Our Venture Collaborative Method

  • Align Strategy with Startups

    Align your strategic priorities within the global landscape of emerging technology


    • Develop a platform for external innovation
    • Proactively engage and partner with ventures
    • Access disruptive technologies aligned with your business
    • Influence product and technology development 

  • Source, Filter and Incubate New Technologies

    Evaluate and engage with ventures earlier in the process, at scale


    • Find untapped startup opportunities
    • Distill the venture ecosystem into actionable partners 
    • Foster new companies to pilot
    • Lead your industry in rolling out new technology

  • Invest​ ​Early​ ​in​ ​Emerging​ ​Technologies

    Create a roadmap to act on new technologies and markets


    • Proactively identify opportunities
    • Build a case and plan for action
    • Test technologies from the venture ecosystem
    • Access capital-efficient R&D

  • Discover New Markets and Efficiencies

    Drive impact and capture value by engaging the venture ecosystem the right way


    • Bridge the gap to early stage ventures
    • Leverage pilots to accelerate development
    • Achieve high strategic return with low financial risk
    • Grow with speed and agility at scale

Venture enabled innovation aligns the incentives of both enterprises and ventures. With TechNexus as your advocate, we’re as invested as you are in driving growth.

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Lessons CEOs Can Learn From Media

Innovation is hard. It requires having a finger on the pulse of what makes your customers happy now, while also keeping an ear to the ground for tremors of what technology is to come. Yes, you’ve got data scientists, teams of tech and innovation scouts, maybe even a corporate venture capital arm, all of which are there to help you manage the present and the future. But it’s still hard. One example of just how difficult it can be to constantly scour the tech landscape for what’s next can be seen through media.

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The Future of Retail - How Technology is Changing The Industry

Retail growth is a key indicator of economic health in America. Technology enables the industry to continue to thrive by allowing consumers to spend more easily and business to manage their processes more efficiently. From back to school surges to Black Friday and Cyber Monday blowouts, fourth quarter makes or breaks the industry. There are many factors underlying that massive growth and profit, but one of the most important is how technology is transforming the retail industry. Here's some of what retail CEOs can expect to see in the next several years.

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Solar Eclipse 2017: Bringing NASA Technology Down to Earth

While many of us don’t keep our eyes to the skies like we did for yesterday's total solar eclipse, NASA does. But space activity doesn’t (always) happen in a vacuum. Many of their technologies can be applied to industries ranging from health and medicine, information technology, industrial engineering, transportation and more. In honor of yesterday’s total solar eclipse and NASA Spinoff’s tagline “bringing NASA technology down to earth,” we rounded up some of NASA’s 2017 B2B enterprise technologies that we think are changing business for the best.

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