TechNexus Collaboration Centers

Join one of our communities and surround yourself with venture partners

TechNexus collaborators are a curated, diverse community that includes people who contribute real value to each other each day. TechNexus collaborators include successful entrepreneurs with $100M+ in exits, senior executives at billion-dollar companies, active angel investors, bright engineers, academicians on cutting-edge of innovation, mentors and others who want to help each other. With open doors, TechNexus doesn’t just host but actively engages with the people who work at the next-stage accelerator.

For nearly a decade, thousands of entrepreneurs, corporate partners, and thought leaders flow through one of the TechNexus facilities each and every month. From a satellite office for corporate innovation leaders looking to surround themselves with experienced entrepreneurs to a 10-desk space for a savvy venture that recently raised more capital, TechNexus provides a unique office without the hassle. 

Curating these unique collaboration points is a valuable part of our support for ventures and service to corporate partners.

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