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News & Media 08.14.2017

Chicago could be capital of driverless tech—if politicians stop interfering

Self-driving cars are coming, and Chicago could be the center of innovation for all autonomous vehicles of the future. There's already considerable progress from Chicago-based corporate leaders and an opportunity for local technology entrepreneurs to accelerate the pace of innovation.

Case Studies 08.10.2017

[CASE STUDY] Beating Industry Disruption Through Corporate Transformation

A long-standing market-leader in audio technology recognized that mobile-first solutions, BYOD trends in the workplace and new products and services from emerging technology ventures, posed the potential for market disruption. As a result of the collaboration, the company’s executive team embraced a revitalized culture of innovation. The new, venture enabled approach augmented existing R&D , accelerating the development of next generation audio technologies and products to explore new markets.

Case Studies 08.10.2017

[CASE STUDY] Corporate Venture Capital Advisory

A major enterprise client with operations in airline maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) identified a unique opportunity to invest ~$6M into an emerging technology venture that would become the foundational platform to enabling proprietary, new workflow management solutions for our client. TechNexus secured a strong equity stake, favorable protective provisions and control terms, rights of first refusal for further financing and an option to acquire the venture (at a future date) at a fair valuation.