[CASE STUDY] Beating Industry Disruption Through Corporate Transformation


A long-standing market-leader in audio technology recognized that mobile-first solutions, BYOD trends in the workplace and new products and services from emerging technology ventures, posed the potential for market disruption. Through venture enabled innovation, the company set out to accelerate the development of new technologies, reinvent its products and services suite, discover new markets, and recruit top talent to remain the leading global audio technology company.


Together with the company, TechNexus Venture Collaborative identified new, emerging technologies disrupting the audio industry and defined new product categories. TechNexus also developed a clear strategy to align the company with activity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and a plan for where venture innovation could accelerate development in these areas. Ultimately, TechNexus invested in a portfolio ventures and facilitated pilots that drove this business development.


As a result of the collaboration, the company‚Äôs executive team embraced a revitalized culture of innovation. The new, venture enabled approach augmented existing R&D , accelerating the development of next generation audio technologies and products to explore new markets.