We Help Build
Smarter Ventures.

We're entrepreneurs, innovators and investors who connect ventures with enterprise partners.

Next-Stage Acceleration

Access catalysts and industry partners with a vested interest in creating success

Finding the right partners that can help you scale is essential. We think the smartest way to build a venture is by bringing the capital, connections, and customers to the table from day one. That’s why we work in conjunction with enterprise partners to ensure market viability, validate and inform development, and scale faster.

We offer a mix of enterprise innovation leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and industry experts - the right perspectives without the conflicting noise - and keep them engaged and accountable.

Commercial Development

Market access and rapid development

Faster market validation starts with focusing on the right industry problems to solve. Our premise is simple with large enterprise… get you to a “yes” or “no” quickly; then iterate and repeat, or fast track to proof of concept, customer, partner, or investment.

Strategic Capital

Grow with strategic capital when and how you need it.

Seed enabled innovation means smarter venture development that takes less capital at an earlier stage to grow a venture. More importantly, by attracting smarter capital earlier (such as proofs of concepts) it builds a stronger foundation. Leveraging these as a case reference enables you to scale faster and attract future customers, with less early-stage investment.