Our Ecosystems

A dynamic network of interconnected innovation, entrepreneurial and investment communities


Build the right connections

Collaboration centers

Set in downtown Chicago, the TechNexus Venture Collaboration Center is our physical ecosystem hub and lab. We work with experienced innovators who contribute real value each day. We don’t just host, but actively engage with our tech and innovation community.

Partner network

Hundreds of ecosystem partners are our feet on the ground in every community across the globe. These incubators, accelerators, universities and investment groups are critical components to offering world-class opportunities for our enterprises and entrepreneurs.


A core group of 50+ seasoned executives provide insight, ideas and intuition as they build and innovate. Hundreds of others stand ready when their specific skills are needed for key advisory opportunities.


Co-Labs bring the entirety of players - enterprises, ventures, capital, government and more – together to share and work collaboratively to tackle the future of industry growth.

Our ecosystems

Building networks is hard, but we believe it’s critical to the success of our collaborators.

We’ve spent years working with partners to curate an ecosystem of organizations, catalysts and innovators and we put it to practice from the start by building our own facility in Chicago with startups and 100s of larger growth-stage companies. Our networks are curated, heterogenous, and above all else, trusted relationships that bring value to ventures and enterprises.

Better and faster together

Our curated global network collaborates to fuel innovation for everyone involved. Your efforts are multiplied by the power in numbers.

More than the middle-man

TechNexus is strategically positioned as the intermediary of our ecosystems. We align partners and drive collaboration to help you grow your business.

Connecting at scale

Our whole is greater than the sum of our parts. Our ecosystems contribute unparalleled value.

For ventures:

  • Ability to partner with each other
  • Connection to mentors 
  • Early access to customers and strategic capital

For enterprises:

  • Access to startups
  • Window to new partners & vendors 
  • Connection to unique teams to co-develop new technology

We build ecosystems around technologies and industries

Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud technology

Data Analytics

Internet of Things









Oil and Gas

Public Safety


Smart Cities


Our co-labs

Where enterprises and entrepreneurs align to solve real world problems.

Increasing productivity, real-time communication and safety for first responders and cities

First responders enter danger zones – a burning building or a city hit by a natural disaster – every day. To better protect them, cities are leveraging data and analytics, sensors, IoT, rugged mobile devices and other technology advancements for next generation public safety, security and smart cities.
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Defining the future of how people and products move

From aviation to rail, trucking, and logistics, the transportation industry is ripe for disruption. To improve operational efficiency and increase revenues, industry leading companies are looking to AI, data and analytics, AR, additive manufacturing, robotics and connectivity among other innovative technologies.

Driving operational efficiency to monitor and connect machinery and improve worker safety and productivity

Industrial companies aren’t only up against their age-old competitors, but also transformation from data, internet and cloud companies as well. Staying agile, informed and open requires an entrepreneurial perspective for many traditional heavy industry players.

Seamlessly connecting products and solutions through integrated IoT

The increasing adoption of a connected life demands a cohesive IoT ecosystem that adapts to the environment around it - beyond just one disparate thermostat to include sound systems, mobile devices, cars and home and office infrastructure. From leisure to personal productivity, consumers demand a seamless experience in all aspects of their lives, leading to a healthier, happier and more convenient lifestyle.

Solving the most challenging ecommerce problems in data and analytics, cloud computing, mobile, AI, AR and more.

One of the most quickly evolving industries is retail - from both a B2C and B2B perspective. Creating efficiencies in inventory management and supply chain logistics, leveraging data and analytics to offer personalized customer experiences, developing secure payments processes, and endless other technology demands on the retail industry require these companies to constantly look for leading-edge technology solutions.

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