• Date:

    November 15

  • Time:

    05:30 PM - 08:00 PM

  • Rooms:

    Conference Room CD

  • Organizer:

    General Assembly open_in_new


About This Event

Overview: We all know the importance of an engaged team at work. Research from Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur Magazine, and others continues to show engaged teams are more productive and have lower turnover. But, how do you measure engagement, factors contributing to it, and the effectiveness of initiatives designed to improve it? 

What You’ll Take Away: Join General Assembly and HappyMeter as we bring together a panel of experts who will discuss the tradeoffs, tools, and challenges faced in improving engagement at their fast-changing companies. We’ll talk about who’s on the cutting edge of data based engagement strategies and what other areas we can all draw insights from to take back to your own role and day-to-day experiences.

Why It Matters: High employee engagement has been proven to reduce turnover, improve productivity, efficiency, and even profits. With the war for talent - especially tech talent - intensifying every day, it’s critical for HR professionals and managers to get comfortable with data as a tool for making improvement and internal change.


5:30–6 p.m.: Check-in & Networking

6–6:45 p.m.: Panel Discussion

6:45–7:15 p.m.: Q&A

7:15–8 p.m.: Networking & Wrap!

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