HubSpot User Group

  • Date:

    December 06

  • Time:

    06:00 PM - 07:30 PM

  • Rooms:

    Conference Room CD


Our meetups are always open to both HubSpot users and non-users. We're especially excited for this meetup because Bob Ruffolo, CEO and Founder of IMPACT will be joining us to speak about 7 things they did that helped them:

Recruit the best people 

Keep top talent

Dramatically improve their company's performance

IMPACT is focused on helping people find success with inbound marketing through education, events, and agency services. In 2017, IMPACT was recognized as HubSpot's Partner Agency of the Year.

Bob will be talking about how People Need to See Their Future at (Your Company Here). Two years ago, IMPACT was churning through employees and clients, unable to crack the code on how to keep either. Then IMPACT's Director of Talent told Bob "People need to see their future at IMPACT." That one line became IMPACT's mantra, and to this day, remains at the core of their focus.

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