Date: July 24
Time: 08:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Rooms:Conference Room A/B
Organizer: ITA open_in_new


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In the age of “#MeToo” and the Time’s Up Movement, workplace comfortability and safety has been creeping into the forefront more than ever. Everyone deserves a safe, respectful work environment. Join us for a two-hour workshop, where we will discuss several common, sensitive workplace topics, including: 

Understanding the role “unconscious bias” plays in personal biases and prejudice 

Describing what an inclusive workplace looks like and its benefits to all employees and to the organization

Identifying strategies to approach, discuss, and value differences to appropriately address workplace sensitivity


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Meet the Speaker:

Kirsten Ramos - President, Elevate Performance Solutions, Inc. 

For nearly 10 years, Kirsten Ramos has motivated individuals to look within themselves to work more effectively with others. Kirsten starts all client relationships by getting to know the team members and assisting the leader(s) in developing the “why” for learning sessions. Kirsten’s approach includes working with the organization to determine the need and to develop the best, most efficient approach to closing any identified gaps through learning and development. Her passions are assisting participants with presentation skills and meeting management, leadership and management skills enhancement, and working with early career associates to develop them for maximum, positive impact, within organizations.