Introducing Apartment One: The Office for Straight-from-University Entrepreneurs

Venture enabled innovation is a driving force of growth for enterprises and entrepreneurs. In addition to our work bridging the gap between these two groups from a strategy, investment, incubation and acceleration perspective, we also created a micro-community called Apartment One within the TechNexus Collaboration Center.  

The transition from university campus to city life can be tough. Add in the fact that these recent-graduates are also embarking on what is likely their first entrepreneurial endeavor, and it can seem nearly impossible.  

At a baseline level, Apartment One is shared office space with near-student rent rates, but as a whole, it’s so much more. For young entrepreneurs tackling their first business, we know it’s critical for them to begin building a network of successful founders, mentors and resources to coach them through development. At TechNexus, we’re made up of serial founders who know how to build a company. Apartment One bridges the gap between those seasoned and new entrepreneurs and we believe will provide a unique jumpstart for these companies.

Apartment One has attracted some of the brightest minds transitioning from campus to Chicago. The space is dedicated to the top student startups in the country and offers programming to support their growth.

Meet two of our Apartment One collaborators:

  • Network Perception – Network security solution developed at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Network Perception’s products perform a comprehensive network path analysis from firewall and router configurations to determine connectivity, and identify the deviation of implementation from security policies, standards, and best-practices.  
  • Trala – Trala began as a National Science Foundation-supported project aimed at developing a solution to use technology to aid violin-learning. Developed by students at the University of Illnois Urbana-Champaign, Trala has launched an app that listens to users play real violing and provides instant feedback, helping decrease the amount of time required to learn violin. 

While these are some of our first, there are not the only. TechNexus Venture Collaborative has established strong partnerships with the top engineering and business schools across the country, We plan to bring in the newest entrepreneurs into our physical space but also to develop a national network that drives the next generation while ensuring our partners are always able to access talent and ideas.