New Report: How the Startup Economy is Spreading Across the Country — And How It Can Be Accelerated

Startups aren’t just on the coasts. From Nashville to Charleston, and from Portland to Dallas, these hubs are creating jobs that drive economic development across every industry. But to accelerate that growth, they need support from national, state and local policy-makers to remove obstacles. Increased access to capital, improved access to talent, opening up access to markets and instituting pro-innovation regulatory and fiscal policy have the power spur an additional one million jobs nation-wide every year.

A report released yesterday [download] by TechNet and the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) explores the importance of the startup economy to job growth, not just in traditional technology hubs, but also in metro areas around the nation. Its Metro Startup Economy Index shared the top 10 tech hubs in the U.S. as well as the following 25 “Next in Tech” cities.

The report notes that the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes tech startups is not restricted to the standard definition. “Increasingly it is clear that a well-functioning startup ecosystem in a community will include a variety of different types of establishments: local new companies, offshoots of successful startups based elsewhere, entrepreneurial divisions of large corporations, and academic spinoffs.”

TechNexus is the perfect example of the collaboration between enterprises and entrepreneurs. We are investing in hundreds of startups alongside dozens of large companies and enable both sides of the table to rethink growth.

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