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We are dedicated to your growth - whether it’s through embracing digital transformation or scaling with large enterprises. We know it’s not easy. We’ve been there.

Our team

Our experience as entrepreneurs, corporate innovation executives, and venture capitalists, means we know how to collaborate with both enterprises and entrepreneurs to help you achieve better results faster.

Strategy and alignment

Experts in corporate strategy, this team’s focus is on providing in-depth market analysis grounded in financial sense. We identify and target the highest value technology themes, align corporate strategies with the venture ecosystem, and prove the business case and economic impact of collaborating with ventures.


With experience as venture capitalists and founders, this team assesses the strategic fit for both the enterprise and the venture. Through this lens, we’re able to curate collaboration that makes sense for the growth of both companies. Then we negotiate and execute deal structures that align incentives on both sides of the table.


With experience at some of our most successful accelerator and incubator partners, this team knows what it takes to prepare our ventures for commercial engagement with enterprises. We mentor and connect them with strategic advisors, help with team development, and provide technology expertise and market validation needed to reach next stage acceleration.


Once the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted, this team helps enterprises and ventures roll up their sleeves and get to work. With an experienced team of of engineers, product managers, and corporate technology executives, we help identify and manage pilot opportunities. Then we map business and technical integrations in collaboration with the enterprise framework. We also closely track KPIs and business impact for both enterprises and ventures to ensure we’re accelerating growth on both sides.

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